DIY Bridesmaid Wine Proposals

It’s easy to create fun and beautiful bridesmaid proposals with our Apothecary Neat custom wine labels and your favorite vino. Apothecary Neat allows you to add a photo of the bride and groom from their wedding day, and customize text and color. This classic photo label style looks lovely with many other styles. We absolutely adore it paired with Blooms + Bands Tags as pictured here!

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What you’ll need:
– Bottles of your fave wine
– Evermine Small Luggage Tags, we used Blooms & Bands style in color “Coral”
– Ribbon
– Evermine Multi-Choice Wine Labels, we used Apothecary Neat style in colors: “Seaglass”, “Tangerine”and “Peach


1. Remove the old labels from the wine bottles and then simply stick on your personalized labels. For more on this, see our Wine Label Tutorial Video from our How-To Video Series.
2. Trim ribbon to desired length.
3. Wrap the ribbon around bottle and pull the ends through your tag and finish with a simple knot

Pictured Products Personalized Labels

Pictured Products Personalized Labels
Pictured Products Personalized Tags
Chana Scop (92 Posts)
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