DIY bug spray wedding favors

DIY bug spray wedding favors

Outdoor summer weddings are beautiful, especially if it includes breathtaking scenery or a serene landscape. But as with many things, these kinds of weddings have their drawbacks. One of them is definitely being exposed to the elements – specifically mosquitoes.

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So create a cute and useful wedding favor for your guests. With only natural ingredients, these bug sprays are incredibly easy to make and they smell amazing. Here’s what you need:

  • Mist Bottles
  • Labels in size 07
  • Witch hazel
  • Citronella essential oil
  • Lemon grass oil
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • A funnel
  • A large jar to mix everything in
  • Optional: Lavender flowers and rosemary


  1. Gather all your products. Order your labels and bottles at least three-four weeks before your big day to ensure you receive them on time.
  2. Make your DIY bug spray by mixing the essential oils and witch hazel in a clean and empty jar. We used the recipe from EatGood4Life.
  3. Pour the “formula” into your bottles. Use a funnel to avoid a mess!
  4. If you want to introduce an element of interest, cut a few pieces of lavender and rosemary and place it inside the bottles. Try doing this the day before or day of your wedding.
  5. Place the labels on your bottles. We used labels in the style Jubiliation in size 07.
  6. On your wedding day, display all your prepared bottles of bug spray on a table or a basket for guests to pick up before they sit down.
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DIY bug spray wedding favors

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