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I love gathering outside around a good fire. Be it a campfire in the forest or bonfire at the beach, it never gets old. For me, a good fire always means there are friends and family around with s’mores in hand, good eats roasting and stories being told, but you can’t get to the fun part unless you have the materials to get a good fire going. Here’s an easy campfire starter kit that you can put together for all your camping or outdoor buddies:

DIY Firestarter Kit | The Evermine Blog |
To assemble your fire starter kit, you’ll need a glass jar or container that will keep out moisture. Next, add a bundle of matches. I bought strike-anywhere matches, but they work best with the striker strip, which I just cut off the matchboxes. Each box comes with two strips that you can use.

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DIY Firestarter Kit | The Evermine Blog |
A good fire starts with some tinder which is basically something that burns fast and easily, so gather items such as dry leaves or tree bark. For my kit, I used dry pine needles. The twine from the bundles of matches can also be used for tinder. Kindling gets the fire going, so I included pine cones but you can also use small twigs. As a bonus, I threw in some sage which helps keep the bugs away.

DIY Firestarter Kit | The Evermine Blog |
To finish I included a small hang tag with a fun message and basic instructions. You can also come up with your own personal message, or include instructions or extra information.

DIY Firestarter Kit | The Evermine Blog |
I really enjoyed gathering all the items and putting together all my fire starter kits. I’m so excited to give these out and I definitely can’t wait for the next campfire!

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DIY Firestarter Kit | The Evermine Blog |

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