DIY Hanukkah Ornaments

DIY Star of David Ornaments for Hanukkah #decoration #craft #chanukah

It’s pretty important in our household to embrace all kinds of cultures, and of course, revel in their specific traditions during the holidays. For this Holiday season, Denise and I decided to dedicate an evening dinner party to celebrate Hanukkah.

Decorating is my department. While perusing Pinterest for handmade flare, I came across a craft-stick Star of David project on There are, I swear, hundreds of ways to decorate the basic shape. There were ideas to add glitter, hand paint, collage, stamp, and bedazzle— anything you can imagine, will work for this craft!

I decided to keep it simple, to both set off my Star of David hang tags in an offbeat color, as well as complement the majority of my guests’ décor, by spray-painting each hanging Star of David in silver.

DIY Star of David Ornaments for Hanukkah #decoration #craft #chanukah

DIY Star of David Ornament

• Craft/popsicle sticks
• Hot glue gun
• Hot glue
• String (optional)

Start this project by seating yourself at a cleared table, near an outlet on the wall, and plug in the glue gun. You’ll need six Popsicle sticks for each star, so group them together (or at least, that made it easer for me).

Once the glue gun is hot, dot a drop of hot glue on the end of one popsicle stick and secure another on top, to form two legs of a triangle. I measured the angle by placing a third stick at the bottom, just to make sure the first dot of glue dries at the correct angle. Let this dot dry for about 20 seconds. Then finish the triangle with two dots of glue on each end of the third stick. Set aside to dry. Continue this process for all of your sticks, thereby creating a collection of triangles.

Wait about ten minutes before affixing pairs of triangles together with more dots of hot glue. To get an idea for the shape, in case you are not sure; one triangle will point upward, and the point of the second triangle, stacked on top, will point downward. Place the string loop and adhere with a generous dot of hot glue. Finally, allow your stars to dry for a half hour.

At this point, I spray-painted each star with a metallic silver paint. I chose to spray paint the stars after constructing the shapes because the hot glue has a tendency to slide more easily when applied on top of paint. Let the stars dry about an hour if you’ve used matte-finish paint, and three hours if you chose a high-gloss paint. Add a personalized Star of David hang tag for a finishing touch!

DIY Star of David Ornaments for Hanukkah #decoration #craft #chanukah
DIY Star of David Ornaments for Hanukkah #decoration #craft #chanukah

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