DIY Heart Bookmarks

After reading this tutorial for heart bookmarks on Martha Stewart, I decided I wanted to make them for my friends and family for Valentine’s Day this year. Instead of gluing two pieces of cardstock together as the tutorial shows, however, I decided to simplify things by using personalized heart-shaped labels from My Own Labels. This turned out really well, and made the whole process super simple!

If you’d like to make your own heart-shaped bookmarks, you’ll need:

• A heart template, like this one (I used the smallest size)
• Festive Cardstock
• Scissors
• A utility knife
• Heart-shaped labels from My Own Labels
• Embroidery Floss for the tassel (optional)

To begin, trace your heart-shaped template onto the cardstock, and cut your shapes out carefully with a pair of scissors. Repeat this process for however many bookmarks you’d like to make.

Take your personalized heart-shaped label and stick it to the center of your heart cut-out. The heart-shaped labels I used are in the style Spring, but My Own Labels offers several different heart-shaped styles for you to choose from.

Once your labels are attached to your heart-shaped cutouts, trace carefully along the “V” of the inner heart with your utility knife. Once this process is complete, your bookmarks are ready to use and give away as gifts!

Optional step: make a tassel and attach it to your bookmark for extra flair.

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