DIY Home: All-Natural Baby Wipes

DIY All-Natural Baby Wipes #tutorial #baby #homemade
Last year I officially became a Mommy Blogger. When I got pregnant everyone asked me, “So you are going to write about kids stuff now, right?”, to which I responded, “No!”. It’s not like I’m against kids’ stuff, it’s just that my focus is on garden-related projects, crafts, and recipes. Then everything changed.

I had no idea of what you need for a baby until I had one. I was gobsmacked by the sky-high prices and toxic chemicals in baby products. I guess I should have expected it. It’s not really any different than adult products. But since I make all of my own skincare products, it’s not all that much of a stretch to make some for baby as well.

First order of business, those stinky chemical baby wipes! Not for my boy! His tender tushy is well taken care of with these all-natural baby wipes.

DIY All-Natural Baby Wipes #tutorial #baby #homemade

All-Natural Baby Wipes

• 1 paper towel roll
• plastic or glass container that will fit the roll cut in half

• 1 cup distilled water
• 1 tbsp pure witch hazel
• 1 tbsp liquid castile baby soap
• 1 tbsp olive oil (you can also infuse the olive oil with calendula flowers as described in the Baby Bum Balm recipe).
• 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil (for babies older than 6 months)

DIY All-Natural Baby Wipes #tutorial #baby #homemade

First, get a cutting board and a sharp knife and cut the paper towel roll in half lengthwise. Make sure the container you have will fit the paper towel roll and put half inside it.

Mix the ingredients together well then pour over the paper towel. It should saturate the whole thing but you can pour off the excess or add more if you need it.

Pull the cardboard roll out of the centre and you should be able to easily find the end of the towel that you can gently pull up through the center.

DIY All-Natural Baby Wipes #tutorial #baby #homemade

This solution should last for a week on the counter in normal house temperatures. Add any extra to a spray bottle for extra messy clean ups!

DIY All-Natural Baby Wipes #tutorial #baby #homemade

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  1. TheSweetSnazzoo says

    I really like your concept here, but am concerned about the paper towel turning into a soggy mess over the span of a week. Have been scratching my head for an alternative that might prove just a little more durable. What are your thoughts, please?

  2. monika says

    Hi TheSweetSnazzoo,

    I use cloth wipes that you can buy or make yourself and I just spray the wipe or babies bum. As mentioned in the article you can use a spray bottle for extra messy clean ups, I just use a spray exclusively.

    Also, using cloth wipes greatly reduces waste.

    I also use cloth diapers so I just wash the wipes with the dipes 😛

    Hope that helps!

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