Lavender Linen Water #diy #homemade #home #laundry #fresh #gift

In the winter months some of us are stuck inside heated buildings most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for heating when the weather is chilly but I do long for a warm, summer breeze to flow past my curtains.

The summertime air smells like flowers and grass and sunshine. Remember? It wasn’t all that long ago. And for those of you lucky enough to live where it is summer now or warm all year round you know what I’m talking about even if you don’t miss it like I do.

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Lavender Linen Water #diy #homemade #home #laundry #fresh #gift

So in late summer when I harvest my lavender and set my linens out to dry on the clothesline, I crawl in to fresh, flowery sheets at night and go off to dreamland. In the long winter nights my linens are well, blah. No sunshine to warm them and no summer air to make them smell like heaven.

My little taste of summer comes simply in a bottle of lavender linen water that I can spritz on my sheets when making the bed. Or use in my iron instead of plain (boring!) water. Or to freshen up towels, pillows, dog beds – you name it!

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Lavender Linen Water #diy #homemade #home #laundry #fresh #gift

Lavender Linen Water

To make it, add 4 cups of distilled water, 1/4 cup witch hazel, and 25 drops of lavender essential oil to a bottle and shake. It’s a simple as that to bring a little summer back into your days. And send you off to dream of summer nights.

Lavender Linen Water #diy #homemade #home #laundry #fresh #gift

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