DIY Home: Orange Cinnamon Cleaner

DIY Home: Orange Cinnamon Cleaner
Distilled white vinegar is just about the most versatile cleaning product you can buy. Plus it’s non-toxic and cheap as dirt. The only drawback? It smells terrible! Some people may love the sharp smell of pure vinegar, but to me it just doesn’t scream “come on into my fresh clean home!”. More like, “I forgot to wash my gym bag.” Well, not quite, but it’s just not all that pleasant.

DIY Home: Orange Cinnamon Cleaner

Enter oranges. Now they smell fantastic. The bright citrusy smell of the oil from the skin is refreshing in the air and a natural disinfectant. I like to put the peels down the garbage disposal to clean it every once and a while. This is also a good practice as you do not want to add citrus to your compost bin. Again, the oils have disinfectant properties which can also kill off the bacteria you want growing in your compost. But I digress. The point is that orange peels and vinegar makes a wonderful household cleaner that is super simple to make and costs only pennies.

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DIY Home: Orange Cinnamon Cleaner

Homemade Orange Cinnamon Cleaner

To make a batch of homemade cleaner, add orange peels to a mason jar and top up with white vinegar. Add a few cinnamon sticks as well to spice it up. Let sit covered in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks then strain into a spray bottle. If you would like a stronger spice smell when strained, add a few drops of cinnamon essential oil. It’s the perfect cleaning recipe for the winter months as it warms it up just a bit more.

DIY Home: Orange Cinnamon Cleaner

Your homemade cleaner is all-purpose and perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and floors. The more citrus and spice you use the less vinegar-y it will smell. Use within about 6 weeks and make smaller batches so that you always have some fresh cleaner on hand.

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It’s so easy to make it would be a perfect handmade gift idea. Perhaps with a pretty apron like this apron in a jar?

DIY Home: Orange Cinnamon Cleaner

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  1. […] Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year? One of mine is to have less chemicals in my life – it's kind of scary what they put into products these days, with everything from foods to cleaners being laced with questionable substances. One easy way to cut chemicals from your life is by making your own cleaning products. This all-natural recipe from Stephanie at The Evermine Blog smells great, disinfects, cuts through greasy messes, and costs just pennies to make. So not only is it better for your family, it will also help you save a little cash! [how to make natural orange cinnamon cleaner] […]

  2. Hi there! Thank you for sharing this! I was wondering if I could substitute the cinnamon sticks with a pinch of clove? Thank you!

  3. Hi Stephanie! Thank you so much for this wonderful clean smelling recipe. I also like the smell of anise and I think if you can add cloves, anise can be substituted as well. I will play around with the scents just to add a bit more punch. Loving it!

  4. Hi! What a great idea. Can you clarify if you put any water in the jar or is it straight vinegar? I’m excited to try! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for this great post! What are the portions of everything? How much white vinegar in a pint-sized mason jar? How many orange peels?

  6. Hi Melissa, I used 2 large navel oranges, 2 x 3″ cinnamon sticks, and topped up with vinegar after shoving everything in the jar. The jar I use is 1 quart, so use half of what I used for a pint. I hope this helps.

  7. It says to use within 6 weeks. If I wanted to give this as a gift, what would happen if not used within that timeframe? Or should I just label it as such for them?

  8. If you clean with vinegar you will spent pennies for cleaners. It is absolutely true. Vinegar is really cheap. I use natural ingredients for my homemade detergents. Easy peasy! Greetings!

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