Mason Jar Sewing Kit #diy #crafts #sewing #packaging

My Mother-in-Law loves to sew. It’s inspiring what she can make with a sewing machine and some creativity. Given that her four children have showed no interest in her passion, she warmly (and hopeful, maybe?) prepared a large sewing kit as a gift for me one birthday. There were so many mysterious items in the kit, ones that I had never seen before, and sadly that I have never had need to use.

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There were things, however, that I have found endlessly useful such as thread, scissors, needles, pins, buttons, a tape measurer, and a stitch ripper. Those few items get used often and with enthusiasm. So when it was time to downsize the large sewing kit, I chose a mason jar. It is the perfect size to contain these essentials.

Mason jar Sewing Kit #diy #crafts #sewing #packaging

The jar makes this sewing kit just the right size for keeping in a house that doesn’t have a sewing room. The pin cushion top and pretty labels make it fit in perfectly with my bedroom decor. Choose any combination of fabric, ribbon, and labels and it makes a fantastic gift. Perhaps I’ll give one to my Mother-in-Law, so she has it handy when she’s not in the sewing room. Or at least it can be just a gesture to thank her for her thoughtfulness.

Here is how to make your own sewing kit in a jar:

Mason Jar Sewing Kit #diy #sewing #crafts #masonjar

Mason Jar Sewing Kit #diy #sewing #crafts #masonjar


• Jar with ring and snap lid
• Lightweight quilting fabric
• Ribbon
• Pillow stuffing
• Hot glue gun
• Sewing essentials: thread, scissors, needles, pins, buttons, a tape measure, thimble, and a stitch ripper.

Mason Jar Sewing Kit #diy #sewing #masonjar #crafts


Cut a circle of fabric that is larger than your snap lid.

Place a ball of stuffing in the center and fold the edges around the snap lid. Put the lid through the ring to hold the fabric in place and use your hot glue gun to affix the fabric to the snap lid.

Once the pin cushion is glued onto the snap lid, put a bead of glue on the inside of the ring to hold the pin cushion in place.

Cut another strip of fabric and glue it around the width of the jar. This is the perfect place to label your sewing kit.

Use ribbon to decorate the lid and your sewing kit is ready to fill with goodies. [printfriendly]

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