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Remember those endless days of studying for final exams? The mounting textbooks, notes and pencil shavings? Well, I suppose I am going through it again on a different level as my daughter journeys through the long days and nights working through some tough deadlines!

Individually Sized Popcorn Bags | Evermine Blog |
To ease the ‘stress’, I have made cute little DIY popcorn bags with adorable matching labels! All you need to do is fill a paper bag with popcorn kernels and fold over three times. (Use 1/4 cup popcorn kernels for lunch bag size or a tablespoon of kernels for these mini bags). Simply place the bag in the microwave, press the “popcorn” setting, and voila! Perfect popcorn.

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DIY Mini Popcorn Bag Favors | Evermine Blog |
So to my dear daughter and her friends in her dorm: Hope you don’t burst from all the studying!

Individually Sized Popcorn Bags | Evermine Blog |
Love, mom.

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