Painted Wooden Spoons #diy #craft #kitchen #wedding #favor

I found this cute idea from The Gilded Hare, and I’ve been dying to try it for a special occasion. My friends Ana and Theo are getting married in spring, and I’m providing the bridal shower favors to thank everyone for celebrating the bride!

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Painted Wooden Spoons #diy #craft #kitchen #wedding #favor

What You Need:

Assorted Wooden Spoons
Painters Tape
Spray Paint
Food-Safe Clear Sealant (I used Bull’s Eye Shellac)


Decide on your design. For Ana’s bridal shower, I wanted to use something that fit well with their theme, which is Semi-Formal Country with an abundance of shimmer lent by brushed mixed metals. It is also important to consider neutral colors because more guests are likely to utilize them when they easily complement personal décor.

Painted Wooden Spoons #DIY #craft #kitchen #wedding #favor

Tape off the spoon portion from the handle. Build your design up the handle from there, using thin and thick strips to mark off the portions of wood that won’t be painted.

Prepare your painting space by laying down a tarp or other material you’re not worried about. Spray paint only the handle portion of each spoon. I positioned the spoons with the ladle closest to me, and sprayed away from myself. I found that this prevented spray particles from appearing in unintentional places. Allow the paint to dry and soak in for at least an hour.

Painted Wooden Spoons #DIY #craft #kitchen #wedding #favor

The final step in decorating your spoons is to make them food safe. I used Bulls Eye Shellac, but any other food safe sealant will work. I coated each spoon three times, waiting 45-60 minutes in between each coat.

For the bridal shower I wrapped up a pair of spoons with shimmery ribbon and a pretty pink Katniss tag:

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Painted Wooden Spoons #DIY #craft #kitchen #wedding #favor

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