DIY Paper Fans

How To: DIY Paper Fans |
If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your wedding décor, papercrafting is easy, budget-friendly, and gives you endless color and texture possibilities. That’s why we’re sharing this simple tutorial for DIY paper fans. They require few supplies, take very little time to put together, and make a big impact on your event.

Although you can crank out a few dozen of these in one evening on your own, paper fans are even more fun to make with helpers. Throw a craft night before the big day, and supply your friends with a glass of beer or champagne, and endless sheets of decorative paper in your wedding colors. By the end of the night, you’ll have enough paper fans to adorn your entire wedding!

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How To: DIY Paper Fans |
Tape your handmade paper fans to the wall, hang them from above with string, or use them in your table centerpiece arrangements… you can be as creative as you want with these versatile decorations.

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How do you use your paper fans? We want to know! Let us know in the comment section below the tutorial:

Handmade Paper Fans

How To: DIY Paper Fans |

Decorative Paper
Clothes Pins

How to Make DIY Paper Fans |
1. Start with a square sheet of paper.
2. Fold in half.
3. Fold one side in by half an inch.
4. Continue folding down the length of the sheet, accordion style, until you reach the end.
5. Try to make sure the first and last fold are facing the same direction. This is especially important if you’re using paper that only shows a design on one side.
6. Tie a length of string around the middle and secure tightly with a double knot.
7. Fan out each side of the string, and glue the edges together. Clip closed with a clothes pin until the glue dries.
8. Allow glue to dry for 5-10 minutes for each fan before removing the pins.
9. Repeat the process until you have as many fans as you’d like!
Tips and Troubleshooting
-Your paper needs to be shaped like a rectangle. If you have a square sheet of paper, fold it in half (as we’ve shown in the tutorial above). If you want a larger fan, fold two sheets of square paper accordion-style, and then glue them together before adding your string. If you want a smaller fan, cut your paper down into smaller rectangles.

-Try to ensure that the first and last fold of your accordion are facing the same direction if you’re using decorative paper that only shows the design on one side.

-Make sure your string is attached in the very center, or your fan will spread out longer on one side than the other.
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How To: DIY Paper Fans |
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