DIY Wedding Paper Pom Poms

Wedding Paper Pom Poms

These DIY wedding paper pom poms are easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up your wedding decor. We at Evermine love how you can make several to adorn everything from your reception tables to your DIY photobooth walls. They are super versatile because they can be customized to fit your style and wedding colors. If you are interested in making these super cute paper pom poms, read on for more details!

Wedding Paper Pom Poms

What you need:

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  • Tissue wrapping paper
  • Twine/string
  • Scissors

Wedding Paper Pom Poms

1. Cut 5 pieces of tissue wrapping paper in the shape of a square. Bigger squares mean bigger pom poms. Layer the five pieces over each other so all of the four edges meet.

2. Fold the layers of tissue paper in accordion style.

Wedding Paper Pom Poms

3. Fold it around 5 times so it looks similar to the above photo.

4. Fold the tissue paper in half. Tie the center with a piece of twin and thread. Snip off any excess string with your scissors.

Wedding Paper Pom Poms

5. Cut both ends of your folded tissue paper in a curve. This will make the scalloped edges or petals of the pom pom.

Wedding Paper Pom Poms

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6. Slowly and gently, unfurl your pom pom by pulling up one layer at a time towards the center. If you accidentally tear a layer, no worries! The tissue paper is malleable enough to hide any errors you might come across!

And that’s it! If you are planning to make these paper pom poms for your big day, we recommend making them a few days beforehand and storing them in a big container. Take care not to place other objects on top of the paper pom poms because they flatten very easily.


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