DIY Wood-Burned Salad Servers

DIY Wood-Burned Salad Servers with personalized Woodland Bliss favor tags and labels from Evermine {}
This project comes with a warning. Not that wood burning pen tools are very hot and can burn you (although that is true and worth remembering). Not that your finished project needs special care (it doesn’t). No, the warning is that wood burning is addictive! Once you get the hang of it, you are going to hunt down wood to decorate.

DIY Wood-Burned Salad Servers with Woodland Bliss personalized favor tags from Evermine {}
These salad servers make a great gift. It takes relatively inexpensive wooden spoons and turns them into a unique showpiece. The wood burning tool set that I have is similar to this one. It comes with interchangeable tips that can be used for wood burning, soldering, and cutting stencils, plastics or Styrofoam, and more. I spent some time practicing with it to see how much pressure to apply and what speed to burn the wood. Before you start decorating anything with a wood burning pen, spend a little time getting used to the feel of it and practice your design.

DIY Wood-Burned Salad Servers
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  1. First, choose some wooden spoons that would make good salad servers. I found wooden rice ladles that were just the right size for the project. They are the same as in this set.
  2. Ready? Ok, let's get started by plugging in the wood burning pen to preheat it.
  3. Draw the design you would like to burn on the wooden spoon with the pencil. I used the design on the Woodland Bliss labels for inspiration.
  4. Follow the instructions on the wood burning pen to burn the design into the wood. For this project I used the pen tip. I burned the lines and outlined the leaves first.
  5. Then I used the tip to burn smaller leaves on the stems. Finally I used the side of the pen to rub the wood until it turned a bit darker and filled in the leaves.
  6. Add some graphical elements to the handle if you wish and then give the salad servers a wash with soap and water to remove any leftover pencil marks.
  7. Tie them together with some string and a kitschy tag, add a personal label, and now these are ready to give to someone special!

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