DIY Felted Wool Magnets Tutorial
There are a number of methods for felting wool. Needle felting is one way that is quite simple, and this project for felting little wool balls is a great starting point. Crafty older children could make these as teacher appreciation gifts or friendship gifts.

DIY Felted Wool Magnets Tutorial


DIY Felted Wool Magnets Tutorial DIY Felted Wool Magnet Tutorial

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Start by pulling off a piece of wool. Don’t cut off the wool or it will not roll seamlessly into a ball. Gently wind it into the shape of a ball, place on the felting mat, and start stabbing the shape with the felting needle. It’s a great way to get out some frustrations too!

A word of caution: felting needles are S-H-A-R-P. You DO NOT want to stab yourself with them. There is benefit to using the felting mat – while it would be so much more convenient to needle felt right in the palm of your hand, you will certainly only do it once before you bandage yourself up and get a felting mat. A thick piece of foam can also work, but if you are working with children it’s best to get them the safest materials possible and work with them to learn how to stab the wool as opposed to body parts.

DIY Felted Wool Magnets Tutorial
Continue to stab the ball from all angles. Roll the ball around the mat and felt evenly so no lumps or seams show. Occasionally roll it between your palms to encourage a round shape.

When finished, the ball should be pretty firm and hold its ball shape well. When you are happy with the size and firmness, use a hot glue gun to affix a small round magnet to the ball.

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DIY Felted Wool Magnets Tutorial
Make a set of felted ball magnets to present on the metal disk that the magnets came on (which a 2″ round label fit over perfectly!), or in a pinch, use a 2″ canning jar snap lid. Wrap magnets in an organza bag and add a tag with a catchy sentiment.

DIY Wool Felted Magnets Tutorial

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