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Donuts About You

Donuts! Who doesn’t love donuts? Old Fashioned, chocolate, sprinkles, maple, powdered, glazed or cake donuts; there’s a donut type and flavor for everyone. Share your love for donuts and each other with “donuts about each other” wedding favors. Package your favorite donuts with some personalized labels and you’re ready for the big day. Save some donuts to enjoy for later or treat yourself to one while you put all your favors together.

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Donuts About You

Preorder your donuts ahead of time with your favorite local shop and finish packaging them the day before to maximize the freshness of the donuts. Discuss with your donut shop if they are able to coordinate the glaze with the colors of your wedding or come up with his and hers signature donut flavors.

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Donuts About YouDonuts About You

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Donuts About You

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