DIY To-Do Dry Erase Board with personalized Woodland Owl labels from Evermine {}
Paper lists that clutter up my desk or get soiled in the garden are finally a thing of the past! I always have a “To Do” list — or several — on the go, and I was getting a bit tired of using a messy, dirty notebook. Using a simple glass-front frame from the dollar store, some colorful labels, and a non-permanent marker I was able to quickly make up a dry erase to-do list board to keep out on my potting bench, and the soil wipes off as easily as my accomplished tasks!

DIY Dry Erase To-Do-List

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Dry Erase To-Do List
Recipe Type: craft
Author: Stephanie Rose
  • Glass-front frame meant to hold an 8×10 photo
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank”]Bottled water label[/url], [url href=”” target=”_blank”]small circle labels[/url], [url href=”” target=”_blank”]small heart labels[/url] – all in Woodland Owl
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Dry erase marker (non-permanent)
  1. [img src=”” width=”680″ height=”453″ class=”alignnone size-full” title=”Dry Erase To-Do List”][/url]
  2. Remove the back from the frame and use the stock photo as a template to cut the cardstock to the size that fits the frame.
  3. Apply the bottled water label to the top of the cardstock and the circle labels below to create checkboxes (or more accurately, “checkcircles”) for the list items. Add a heart label as a place for the date, or a special reminder.
  4. Clean the glass of all fingerprints and dust, then reassemble the frame with the cardstock/labels as the photo.
  5. Use a dry erase marker to write your list, and a soft cloth to erase items.
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DIY Dry Erase To-Do List
I liked this project so much that I created a second one for my desk. It’s much nicer to look at than a messy bunch of sticky notes and since it stands upright, it reduces clutter. My desk frame was a bit smaller, made to fit a 5×7 photo, so I had to crop the label a bit. It still looks wonderful and has plenty of room to write all my daily “To Do’s”.

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