Easy DIY Bridesmaid Proposals

Easy DIY Bridesmaid Proposals
I can’t say I do without you!

Looking for a special way to ask your besties to stand by you on your big day? Why not propose with their fave red, white or rosé!
Get all the deets on this fun proposal idea below!

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What you’ll need:
• Wine (of course!)
Multi-Choice Wine Labels
 Gold Bottle Hoods
 Burgundy Bottle Hoods

1. Remove the old labels from the wine bottles and then simply stick on your personalized labels. For more on this, see our Wine Label Tutorial Video from our How-To Video Series.
2. Remove wine bottle hood and set the new hood on the top of the bottle. To shrink it to size, hold the bottle and hood under warm/hot water for about a minute.

Pictured Above:
Jules Veneer Multi-Choice Labels

Pictured Below:
Blooms + Bands Multi-Choice Labels

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