Easy DIY Painted Pumpkins

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Fall is here! Celebrate the pumpkin season with a fun, colorful twist (bonus! no carving necessary). These are:

  • Simple to make
  • Festive decorations for fall
  • Thoughtful gifts

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Materials & Tools:
-Craft Paints (Acrylic Paint)
-Paint Brushes
-Mason Jar
-Paper Towels
-Paper Bowls
-Small Pumpkins with stems
-Evermine Hang Tags
-Scissors to cut twine
-Wax Paper
-Garbage Bags or paper bags
-Gel Pens

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  1. Find a clear working space and protect it by taping down large paper bags, plastic garbage bags or something similar.
  2. Pour paint into bowls, mixing in just a tiny bit of water (if desired) to thin it out so it is more fluid, though not so much that it becomes watery. 
  3. Fill a mason jar with water (for rinsing paint brushes).
  4. Paint! For a solid base color, simply set your pumpkin right in the bowl of paint and use a larger sized brush to evenly coat the pumpkin.
  5. Set painted pumpkin aside on wax paper to dry.
  6. Once dried, you can get even more creative by dipping in a second color, painting on more details with the finer brush, or drawing henna-inspired designs with gel pens (sharpies or paint markers also work well for this).
  7. Set aside again to dry.
  8. Tie on personalized Evermine hang tags with twine for gifting!
Hang Tags
Hang Tags
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Juliet Avant is Evermine's inspiration blogger, bringing you easy, lovely DIY gift ideas. Juliet is especially moved by fleeting seasonal flavors, light that dances off greenery, and the capacity of simple gifts to build connections.

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