Cornucopia Candy Favors
Type: Thankgiving Treat
  • Waffle ice cream cones
  • Candy (I chose Autumn M&Ms and Pumpkin Candy Corns)
  • Rubber bands
  • Plastic sandwich bags
  • Raffia or ribbon
  • Scallop favor tags
  • Scissors
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  2. The first step is to curl the ends of each waffle cone so they look just like mini cornucopia baskets. To do this, soak the end of the waffle cone in warm water for about 30 seconds. Then place it in the microwave for 20 seconds. This will soften the tip of the cone enough for you to carefully bend and curl the end. You can use a clean pencil to wrap the cone around or just use your hands to form a nice curl. Let cones dry completely.
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  4. Next, cut out small squares of plastic. I used plastic sandwich bags and cut them to size with scissors. Then fill your cone with candy, cover with a plastic square and secure with a rubber band.
  5. Finally, tie a piece of raffia or ribbon around the cone (to cover the rubber band) and add a custom scallop favor tag. I chose the Woodland Owl style tag in the color Sunburst.
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