Preserved Lemons
Adapted from Garden Therapy
Type: Jams and Preserves
  • 10-12 meyer lemons
  • Sea salt
  1. The first step is to carefully scrub each lemon under running water. Then cut the stems and ends off each lemon.
  2. Cut the lemons into quarters, making your cuts from the top down to near the bottom, without cutting completely into pieces (more like scoring). You want to be able to open them up like a star.
  3. Pack the insides of the scored lemons with sea salt. Don’t worry about adding too much salt, as that is what will ‘preserve’ the lemons.
  4. Next pack your salt-filled lemons into clean, wide-mouth glass jars. Put each lemon, cut side down into the jar. Really squish them in there to release their juices. Once the jar is full, top off with more lemon juice if necessary to cover the fruit completely.
  5. Let sit at room temperature for three days, giving it a good shake each day. After that you can transfer your jar(s) to the refrigerator and let sit for at least another three weeks
Since this was my first attempt, I made up just one jar of preserved lemons. But now that I have an idea of the flavor and ways to use it, I plan to make up a big batch to gift to my foodie friends and family. I decorated my jar with labels and tags in the style Chalkboard.
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