Super Easy Warming Pillows
Type: Bath and Body
Serves: makes 1 warming pillow
  • 2 tall organza bags, any color
  • 4-5 cups whole flax seeds (about 20-25 oz)
  • ½ cup dried lavender flowers (optional)
  1. Fill one of the organza bags with the flax seeds. If you’re using lavender, alternate flax seeds and lavender flowers, starting and ending with flax seeds.
  2. Cinch the organza bag closed and tie off the neck of the bag tightly a few times, then flip the bag over and tie off the opposite side of the neck of the bag.
  3. Slip this bag into the second organza bag, neck first, and cinch and tie off the second organza bag.
  4. To attach favor tags, untie the small knot at the end of one of the pairs of ribbons. Slip a favor tag onto one of the ribbons and retie the original knot. Repeat on the other set of ribbons.
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