Lavender Soap
My friend Caitlyn had planned to make a honey and goats milk soap, and found this recipe on pinterest. I wanted to make a shea and lavender soap, but we ended up combining our ingredients and just loosely following the pinterest recipe she found for instruction on melting the soap base. It was super easy, and every batch we made had varying amounts of lavender and different amounts of red and blue soap colorant.
Type: Bath & Body
  • 3 two-pound blocks of soap base (we used 2 of these and also a block of goats milk soap)
  • Silicone soap molds
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Soap colorant (we actually had a pack of primary colored soap dyes, and mixed the blue and red in varying amounts for a variety of purples, pinks & periwinkle colors)
  • Microwavable glass bowl
  • Microwave
  • Metal stirring spoon
  • Dinner knife for cutting soap
  • Small evermine cotton muslin bags
  • Large evermine Tuxedo Formal hang tags
  • Baker’s twine
  1. Our soapmaking process was simple, and consisted of: cutting the soap blocks in smalll chunks (we found a regular dinner knife worked best for this), and making batches half a block at a time (1 pound).
  2. We put the 1 pound batches of soap pieces in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirred, and repeated until the soap base was completely melted. The next step was to add our scent of choice (lavender). We put in as many drops into the bowl of soap base as we felt it needed to have a nice lavender scent (we used the entire bottle for 6 lbs of soap), and then we stirred in drops of red and blue soap dyes (Caitlyn had purchased a pack of primary colored soap dyes, since the pinterest recipe she found called for yellow). I hadn’t planned on adding dye originally but we thought it would be fun to use blue and red to make shades of lavenders.
  3. Since we only had the one soap mold that Caitlyn purchased on Amazon, we got a little creative and used a regular metal muffin tin from her kitchen. We poured the liquid soap into both trays. To help speed up the cooling process, which was supposed to be 30 minutes in room temperature, we utilized the fridge and freezer, which worked great and reduced the cooling time by at least 20 minutes. After the soap cooled in the trays, we took them out and set them on a paper towel on the counter, and then later divided them up in sets of two. We packaged them in the cotton muslin bags and tied customized Evermine tags to them.
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