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I’ve been realizing recently just how fun the customizable button magnets from can be. I’m currently in the middle of a years-and-years-long medical program in natural medicine. In fact, I’m studying two forms of medicine that are not well known and which, as any niche profession, have their own foundational concepts that are vibrantly wonderful and profoundly meaningful — to just a small set of folks.

Esoteric Magnet Sets | Evermine Blog |
Here’s where customizable magnets come in. Firstly, magnets are endlessly useful. Add your own esoteric phrases and they become affirmations of your special path that are also colorful, round and happen to reliably hold things to your fridge. I imagine sets of magnets made for tight-knit study groups—little colorful cheerleaders holding up proud exam scores. Or I can see Aunties and Nannas out there with a collection on the fridge, a magnet for each new babe in the family. What would your esoteric magnet set be?

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Esoteric Magnet Sets | Evermine Blog |
I ordered six sets of customizable magnets to create magnets sets of the Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine (it was these Six Principles that initially made me swoon for this medicine), and I’ve been giving these magnet sets as thank you gifts to the naturopathic doctors that graciously allow me to follow them around as I learn from their every move. It’s a special thing I can give to them that they can appreciate and use, but couldn’t find anywhere else.

Esoteric Magnet Sets | Evermine Blog |
Ordering magnet sets is easy. Because magnets come in sets of six identical magnets, if you order a few different magnets, you’ll end up with six sets consisting of each of the different magnets. Pictured here is the Modern Museo style. I especially love this style for creating sets because there are so many great colors to choose from.

Used In This Project:

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