Evermine Gardens

Evermine Gardens – July 2017

It’s hard to imagine now how it looked when we moved in. The buildings were former shipping warehouse and factory, the property surrounding them was an ocean of cracked, worn asphalt that had endured heavy truck traffic for thirty years. Fast-forward from 2004 when Evermine began its stewardship, and observe a magical transformation – a garden haven for us humans, as well as birds, butterflies, bees, and occasional neighborhood critters.

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Apple, maple and dogwood trees create an appealing habitat for local wildlife and beautiful landscaping for our building. Summer sun brings marionberries, blueberries, strawberries and grapes to munch on while enjoying blooms of hydrangea, wisteria, poppies, daisies, foxglove and more.

Shade-seekers can take refuge along a peaceful stepping stone path surrounded by coriscan mint, black mambo grass, ferns and Oregon grape (favored by hummingbirds). We all love taking breaks outside at patio tables in the garden, and once a week everyone gets together for a big family-style lunch under the wisteria arbor.

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