Favor Friday: Guacamole Wedding Favors

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Favor Friday: Guacamole Wedding Favors

If you’re looking for a delicious and quirky idea for wedding favors, try making guacamole. Not only is it rich in healthy fat and vitamin E, but it also pairs well with chips, sandwiches, and vegetables.  If you have a killer guacamole recipe (or have a favorite brand) scoop a dollop or two into tightly-sealed jars.

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Tie a hangtag around it with thread and place a label with a fun pun on the top. We used “TAKE A GUAC ON THE WILD SIDE”.

When you place your favors on the table, make sure it is out of direct sunlight or heat. This can help the guac stay fresh by the time your guests take it home (if they haven’t eaten it already). You can also serve salsa in jars as an alternative for your guests.

Your guests will love receiving something they can actually use and the labels add a personal touch.

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