Favor Wraps

Repurposed Favor PackagingHow do you do cute without doing new?

It’s easy when you make your favor wraps from re-usable items, and when you do so, your favors (or at least their packaging) become the “something old” component of your wedding.

Look through your old clothes for something that is the right color and texture or ask your mom if she has saved any of your dresses or costumes from when you were young. Our example here is from a Minnie Mouse dress that was absolutely darling; torn and well-loved, and now has a new life as adorable favor wraps.

How to find the right material:

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Don’t have something that is just the right color and fabric type? That’s not unusual. Here are a few tips to help you find the fabric that will work perfectly:

At a second hand store or yard sale, skim the clothing racks (also look at scarves, curtains and tea towels), looking only for the fabric type and color that is right for your purpose. Ignore the garment style, and don’t worry if it is stained or torn; you can cut the damaged parts out. When you have zeroed in on one that you think might work, give it the touch test: feel it for softness and for its draping quality. Imagine how the fabric will drape when cut into small pieces. If you think it might work – even if you are not sure, put it in your cart. Continue until you have a half dozen pieces or so, then lay them all out, give them the touch test again, imagine again how they will drape. Purchase more than one item, so in case the one you have in mind ends up not working, you have a few backups. You never know how the fabric will respond until you have it in the exact form and shape you have in mind. If the fabric needs brightening, soak it in Biz for a couple of days, keeping it entirely submerged. Wash it, then rinse, dry and fold it.

One more thing: be flexible with your ideas. Sometimes you will want to revise your original vision so it can adapt to the material you are using. Above all else, be sure the finished product looks lovely and that it pleases you!

How to make the favors:

Place items in center of square

Cut the fabric into squares; the size is determined by the size of the favors. Our wraps for seven Jordan almonds is cut into 8 – 1/2” squares. Lay the square on a flat surface, place the favor item(s) in the center – Jordan almonds, cookies, nuts, etc.

Add favor tags

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Pull the ends together and secure with a small rubber band. Then tie with a bit of ribbon and a favor tag. Trim the ribbon ends if needed.

Favor Wraps

Voila – a very personal little gift for your special guests!

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