When my home-grown tomatoes are ready to eat, one of the first things I love to make with them is Caprese salad. Vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh basil & mozzarella with a little olive oil and vinegar drizzled on top – a simple but delicious combination of flavors. It’s one of those summertime classics that’s super easy to make and perfect for picnics and parties. An even simpler way to serve Caprese is kabob-style. Skewering cherry or grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella balls and basil leaves makes for a colorful, fun & festive presentation. Salad-on-a-stick with no utensils required!

My family usually celebrates July 4th by getting together for a big potluck/barbeque party. This year, I’m bringing Caprese Kabobs and I thought it would be fun to decorate them with custom hang tags from Evermine. I chose the Tiny Charms style in dark blue with white stars. In keeping with the American flag theme, I’m leaving the green basil leaves out this time. But, I plan to use mozzarella marinated in in olive oil and herbs (including basil) so the flavor will still be there. The tomatoes and cheese will create red & white stripes and I’ll tie the starry blue tag at the top of the skewer “flag pole.” I decided to fly the flags on a small piece of crusty french bread because salad and bread are always great together.

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To attach the hangtags, just loop a thin piece of ribbon and push it through the hole from the backside of the hangtag. Then, wrap it around the skewer and pull the ribbon ends through the loop. Tighten until hang tag is secure and cut off excess ribbon ends.

Enjoy – and Happy Summer!

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