Free Drink Ticket Printables in Film Edge

Free Drink Ticket Printables in Simple Film

The creative team at Evermine just released a new style called Film Edge. The film details makes it perfect for movie-lovers or photography enthusiasts. Our favorite feature is the versatility – you can choose from several colors and fonts. To celebrate, we wanted to offer Free Drink Ticket Printables in Film Edge to our readers.

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What you need:


  1. Print the free printable here on cardstock paper. We recommend using a combination of colors that fit your theme. We used Tuxedo and Stone.
  2. Cut out the strips. Then, punch the half-circles on the sides with a hole-puncher.
  3. And you’re done! Arrange your drink tickets on the reception tables or send a few with your invitations.

Want to take it to the next level? Use a perforator along the dashed lines so guests can easily tear out their ticket.

Free Drink Ticket Printables in Simple Film

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Simple Film Printables

Shop the Film Edge Collection:

Simple FIlm
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