Freezer Bag Thank-Yous

Here is a simple and easy gift idea: label a set of freezer bags with partially blank labels so that the recipient can write in the names of their fabulous frozen dishes. This idea makes a lot of sense for folks who have received food gifts, like new parents or anyone with a loving auntie or uncle who is prolific in the kitchen. Personalized freezer bags can be a very usable and sweet token of your appreciation, and they are super easy and quick to put together!

I made these charming packages for Uncle Jason and Aunt Nin in just a few minutes using just a few materials:

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Freezer Bag Thank Yous | Evermine Blog |
The last five items on the above list can be ordered online from (white or cream string comes with each hang tag order, but pictured here is colorful jute I purchased from a craft store) so you won’t have to go out of your way to put together this gift.

DIY Freezer Bag Thank Yous | Evermine Blog |
Simply label six freezer bags with the large bottle labels.

DIY Freezer Bag Thank Yous | Evermine Blog |
Lovingly roll them, fold them and tuck them into a large kraft bag. Label the kraft bag with the smaller rectangular label and tie on the sweet hang tags.

DIY Freezer Bag Thank Yous | Evermine Blog |
Pictured here is the Rustic Retro style in coral, sunflower and sea glass.

Used In This Project:

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