Friend Cards

I call these my “friend cards.”  Whenever I meet new people I want to stay in touch with while on vacation or here around town, I give them one. What I like about these is that they don’t have my phone number or business name to contact me by. They just have my picture to remember me and my email. It’s way easier to pull one out of my beach bag or purse, than scramble for a pen and paper. And everyone is impressed!

I’ve had a lot of great comments on these, as it’s not something people have seen before. They are not business cards, they are a different shape, and best of all – they’re easy to make.

– Evermine Label
– Cardstock
– Scissors
– Packing Tape
– Coin

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The first thing I do is order my own custom label. I chose the “Tiny Charms” design because I can include my own photo and choose my own border theme. Once I have the labels, I peel and stick them onto a piece of cardstock (craft stores sell it).

Next, I cut them out with scissors, leaving a white border.

I use packing tape to laminate them and a coin to smooth the tape out.

Easy as pie! I have made them for my travel buddies as well and they all love them. I can even make them with pictures other than my photo – like flowers, or my favorite hawaiian hangout, or whatever.

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