Frozen Blueberry Jar Gifts | Evermine Blog |
Heartfelt, useful, healthy, easy, fun. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in a gift idea? Well, these frozen berries in a jar are all that, and they offer bright, bursting tasty nibbles all along the way.

Just north of Portland, where I live, is a river island with one access bridge and a different soil composition than the surrounding geography. The result is impressively beautiful agricultural land, a whole lot of U-pick fruit farms and the potential for a relaxing summer outing with friends and family.

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Frozen Blueberry Jar Gifts | Evermine Blog |
Freshly Picked Suavie Island Blueberries | Evermine Blog |
I washed my most recent blueberry haul from the magical Sauvie Island and immediately froze it in quart jars with personalized labels. Not only do they make me smile and remember a perfect summer day with my sister, niece and nephew, but now I also have three last-minute, heartfelt, useful and healthy gifts. I imagine them as a welcome-to-the-neighborhood present, or an I-know-you-weren’t-planning-on-feeding-an-extra-mouth-at-your-dinner-party-tonight offering. Classy, you know?

I used the Treasury style in blue in size 11 for the lid and size 16 for the side of a quart canning jar. I also added a touch of blue jute from the craft store for a little more understated color.

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Frozen Blueberry Jar Gifts | Evermine Blog |
Since Evermine Blog readers are all over the world, it would be fun to hear from you: what freezable tasty nibbles does your climate offer?

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