Furoshiki is the Japanese art of using cloth to carry objects. It has been used for hundreds of years to carry lunches, vegetables, books, market purchases, gifts, small pets, and anything that needs to be carried from here to there. The basic furoshiki is a large piece of cloth that has been folded and knotted into a bag – see this video.

Another use is for the wrapping of gifts. We have made simple little favors of breath mints, wrapped in silk scraps from a worn and torn child’s robe. The robe was beautiful, but full of holes, and this was a wonderful way to extend the life of the lovely fabric!

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You Will Need
• Small gifts
• Very pretty, soft and drapey cloth, all cut into same-size squares
• Ribbon or string to tie off the ends
Favor tags
• Sharp scissors, ruler, some kind of triangle
• Tape

To make wraps for favors or other small gifts:

1. Use a piece of scrap fabric to test for the correct size. Test with a piece of fabric that is similar in weight and thickness to the final fabric you will be using. Cut it to a size you think will work, wrap with it, and re-cut if needed until you have achieved a shape that will work. Generally a square works well.
2. Using the actual fabric you want your furoshiki to be made of, measure carefully and mark with an erasable fabric pen. I use a ruler and a triangle to get exact cuts; this makes things easier all the way through the process. A piece of printer paper works well as a triangle for small measurements.
3. Cut carefully with a cutting wheel or sharp scissors.

4. I pulled out the threads on the edges of the fabric. Many were going to pull out anyway, but by doing it myself, I was able to make an even fringe that added to the style.

5. Lay the object on top of the cloth as shown and tape one corner of the cloth onto the object. This helps keep it from moving around while you are wrapping.
6. Wrap gently and carefully. Tape seam closed.
7. Tie off the ends with string or ribbon. Trim off the ends of the string or ribbon to give it a professional look.
8. Tie a tag onto one end with a thin string.
9. Repeat with each gift, place the gifts in a basket and distribute as you wish.

Click Here for more ways to wrap gifts furoshiki-style.

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