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Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and my husband and I are excited to be going to a party! We’re not big football fans, but we do enjoy getting together with friends, rooting for a team, eating lots of salty food, and playing games. My favorite football party game is Squares. Traditionally, players would buy in and the pool of money would be used as the prize. However times are tough and I decided to give the Squares away for free this year. You may ask what the prize will be, since there is no pool of money to draw from, and your answer is…scratch tickets! There may or may not be a big winner, but odds are everyone will have fun!

To play Football Squares you’ll need to make a 10×10 grid. I recently found a nice poster for the game at the craft store, but you can easily make one yourself using a large dry erase board or poster board and markers. Along the top row of your grid mark the squares 0-9 as well as the name of the home team, and then do the same along the side with the name of the visiting team.

Now it’s time to fill the grid with players names. Write down everyone’s name on a small piece of paper, fold, and place into a hat. Draw names randomly from the hat and beginning with the square 0-0 write in the names until the grid is full. At the end of each quarter the person whose name occupies the square that matches the last numbers of the score will win a prize. For instance if the score is 27-21 the person whose name is in the square for 7-1 wins!

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I chose a couple of one dollar scratch tickets for prizes and a ten dollar ticket for the grand prize. They fit nicely in glassine envelopes, and the labels I made matched the team colors. I know I am going to have so much fun playing this game, and I hope you do to! Enjoy!

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