Twine in a Can #Diy #homemade #craft #garden #gift

Vintage and rustic gardening supplies are popping up at modern stores previously known for something other than gardening. Some have even created new stores to cater to the gardening crowd, like West Elm Market and Anthropologies’ sister, Terrain. I love that these shops are embracing the handmade look, and often even showcase Etsy sellers or artisan wares in their shops. For the most part, though, there is a large range of products that are pretty simple DIY projects, and this is one of them.

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DIY Twine in a Can #homemade #craft #garden #gift

I have seen rusty cans of twine selling for $15-$20 and all I can think is, “I can SO make that.” And I was right. This project took all of 10 minutes once I had some of Evermine’s new burlap labels delivered.

DIY Garden Twine in a Can

Twine in a Can #diy #homemade #craft #garden #gift Twine in a Can #diy #homemade #craft #garden #gift
DIY Twine in a Can #gift #garden #homemade #craft DIY Twine in a Can #homemade #gift #garden #craft

  • Start with a rusty can, a ball of jute twine, some burlap, scissors, a rubber band, and of course your labels.
  • Unwind the outer part of the twine until the ball fits snugly in the can. Now find the end of the twine on the INSIDE of the ball. Pull that until you have a few inches to work with and push the twine ball down into the can.
  • Cut a circle of burlap and feed the end of the twine through a hole in the weave.
  • Stretch the burlap over the can and secure in place with a rubber band. Trim the burlap and add your labels.

DIY Twine in a Can #garden #gift #homemade #craft

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“But”, you say, “my can isn’t rusty?!” Never fear, crafty one. Just leave it out in the rain for a few weeks and it will rust. If you can’t wait, grab a rust faux finish at the craft store and you will have the look in just an hour. Or go the other direction and spray paint the can in a bold color. Couldn’t you just see a neon pink twine jar gracing the shelves of one of these shops? [printfriendly]

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