Here’s a loving touch to nurture affection… an extravagant favor for those who have carried you through those special times. Perhaps your mothers- however many you may have, perhaps your bridesmaids, or your annual girlfriend’s retreat. Or, you can put together several bulb-filled baskets at Christmas for the gardeners in your life. Whether larger or small, the Gardener’s Basket is a way to share your favorite growing things and the pleasures of gardening with those for whom you care the most.

How To Make Your Own:

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1. Find bulk seeds and starts online. I order mine from
• Flower Seed Suggestions: Bachelor Buttons, Agrostemma, Daisies
• Vegetable Garden Seed Suggestions: Sweet Basil, Scarlet Nantes Carrot, Slicing Tomato
• Start Suggestions: Lavendar, Culinary Herbs

2. Package seeds in translucent envelopes.

3. Add your own label for a personal touch. For the starts, we’ve used two tiny oval labels, back-to-back on the end of a wooden skewer.

4. Put together a pair of garden gloves and a trowel with some ribbon and a personalized hang tag.

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5. Place seeds, starters, gloves and trowel in a pretty basket! You can find baskets at your local craft store, garden shop or thrift store. Or you can find them online at:

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