Gardening Gift Set #housewarming #gift #garden
If you have ever moved into a friendly neighbourhood, you know how it feels to be welcomed with open arms. Amazing! Next time someone moves onto your street, why not greet them with a little package full of gardening goodies? A few hand tools, some supplies, and seeds tucked into a terracotta pot makes for a unique gift that can also provide some clues as to what gardening is like in the area.

Include seeds that grow well in the area. Perhaps include some seeds you’ve saved yourself, or some cuttings from your favorite plants. Even a street can have a microclimate that is different from the general area. Perhaps you are closer to the ocean, on a windy hill, or on land that was previously a bog. These things will change how gardens grow from others across town.

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Gardening Gift Set terracotagiftset6a
A gardening catalog for a local seed supplier is a handy thing to share as it will surely be filled with information on how to grow in your area. Look for business cards or flyers for a local nursery to include as well. It will take a bit of the stress away from learning the neighborhood, at least when it comes to finding supplies for the garden.

Jute twine, gardening gloves, and plant tags are staples that should always be in a gardeners tool kit. Even if they have a full supply, there will certainly be a time when new ones are needed.

Gardening Gift Set #housewarming #gift #garden
Pick out some of your favorite hand tools. A trowel and pruners are pretty common, so why not include some of the tools you couldn’t live without (but didn’t know it until you had them!). Pack everything up in a pot, add some labels and a personal note and you are set. Now go leave the gift set on the new neighbor’s front step. Won’t that feel like a warm welcome?

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Gardening Gift Set #gift #housewarming #garden #tags

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