Gelt Envelopes for Chanukah

Gelt Envelopes for Chanukah | Evermine Blog |
Gelt is the Yiddish word for money, and on Chanukah it is customary to give Chanukah Gelt to our children. As you can imagine, this is a highlight of Chanukah not only because the children receive this fun kind of gift, but because it is a fundamental experience for them to learn all about money.

Part of receiving is giving, and therefore, as Judaism teaches, one should give 10% of their earnings and monetary gifts to charity. Our children especially enjoy combining their 10% of their money together, and deciding as a team which charity they will donate to. It is always special for us as parents to watch this process occur and see their excitement in helping others.

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Gelt Envelopes for Chanukah | Evermine Blog |
So this year, I have made cute little envelope packets of Chanukah Gelt to give to our kids as well as to the many children attending our Chanukah parties and programs! The label is a perfect way to wish everyone a happy Chanukah, and an easy way to decorate a simple envelope with neatly folded gelt!

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Gelt Envelopes for Chanukah | Evermine Blog |
So this Chanukah, consider giving your children a gift of gelt that will have a ripple effect by helping another in need. Happy Chanukah!

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