Ghost “Boo” Bags

Ghost "Boo" Bags | The Evermine Blog | #halloween
With Halloween right around the corner, I needed to find a super easy way to hand out Halloween goodies to all of my son’s classmates. I found this amazingly simple idea on Craft-O-Maniac and knew it would be perfect for the kids, not to mention super easy for me to whip up the night before. Evermine has so many different types of packaging products that it was easy to find exactly what I needed to make my own “Boo” bags.

Ghost "Boo" Bags | The Evermine Blog | #halloween

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Here is what you need to create your own Ghost “Boo” Bags:

– 1 set of small white paper favor bags
– 1 pack of Wiggle Eyes (the Peel ‘n Stick variety)
– 3 sets of custom labels
– 1 bag of fun-size Hersey’s Milk Chocolate Bars

Ghost "Boo" Bags | The Evermine Blog | #halloween
First, pair up your wiggle eyes and stick them on your white bags. I found that using two different sizes really makes the ghosts more kid-friendly. Second, place your custom labels on your candy bars. The shape I chose almost completely covered the Hershey’s logo which was perfect. Third, after your candy bars are labeled, stuff 3 bars in each bag to fill your ghost. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

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Ghost Boo Bags | The Evermine Blog | #halloween
Ghost "Boo" Bags | The Evermine Blog | #halloween

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