Gifts for Mom: Custom Spice Jar Labels

Custom Spice Jar Labels #mothersday #gift #kitchen

My mom is a wonderful cook, so this year for Mother’s Day I thought I’d gift her a set of custom spice jar labels for her vintage style kitchen. I chose the label style Vintage Burlap in the color Seaglass, but Evermine has hundreds of design templates to choose from so you’re sure to find a style your mom will love.

Custom Spice Jar Labels #mothersday #gift #kitchen

I chose a fancy shape label for the front of the jar with the words “Barbara’s Kitchen” and “Happy Cooking,” making sure to leave room for her to write the spice or herb name.

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Then I also chose a petal shape label for the top of the lid with the words, “Best If Used By” and “Barbara’s Kitchen” so that she could write an expiration date for each jar.

How long to herbs and spices last?

Here is a simple guideline to follow:

Ground Spices – 2-3 years
Whole Spices – 3-4 years
Herbs – 1-3 years
Seasoning Blends – 1-2 years
Extracts – 4 years

If you don’t remember how long you’ve had a particular herb or spice in your pantry you can use your best judgment. Examine the color and aroma. Green, leafy herbs will usually fade as they age and red spices such as paprika or chili powder will turn brown in color. Pour a little into your hand and crush it with your fingers. The smell should be rich, full and immediate. If it’s not, it’s probably too old.

Custom Spice Jar Labels #mothersday #gift #kitchen


Tips On Choosing Labels:

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Poke around in your mom’s pantry the next time you’re at her house and measure the size of her herb and spice jars. That way you can make sure to buy the correct size labels for her kitchen.

In addition to ordering spice jar labels, add an extra gift of a canning label kit or Evermine gift certificate so she can choose her own custom labels and tags!

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  1. Wow! This is pretty awesome! Designing and making your own custom labels for spice jar is absolutely fun and creative. I really like the final result of your project, it’s simple yet inviting. I’m sure everyone loves it. I would recommend this to my friends.

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