Gifts for the New Year: Drip Candle Kits

New Year's Favors: Drip Candle Kits
The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh, refocus priorities and think about goals for the coming months. It’s also a good time to help support friends and family who are going through the same process. One simple way to do that is to give an encouraging gift; something with a positive, supportive message that can be used as a reminder of New Year’s resolutions throughout the year.

Drip Candle New Years Favors_0006 New Years Favors: Drip Candle Kits -
Drip candle kits make the perfect gift or favor idea for the New Year because they last all year long. Even after the candle has burned down, the wax that melts will drip down the side of the bottle or jar in pretty colors and patterns, so it can be used as a symbolic reminder and a decorative piece. Plus, they’re super simple to put together. The hardest thing about assembling this gift is finding a glass bottle or vessel with a mouth that’s wide enough (but not too wide) to hold the base of your candle. The more tightly fitted the candle, the more fluidly your wax will be able flow down the side without interruption. Empty wine bottles make a great choice for this kit, or you can scavenge the glass bottle section of your local thrift store like we did.

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New Year's Favors: Drip Candle Kits -
To assemble your drip candle kit gifts, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Drip Candles
  • A glass bottle or jar with a mouth opening that’s just wide enough to fit the base of the drip candle*
  • A lighter or a book of matches
  • Wine tote bags
  • Tissue Paper
  • Personalized Gift Labels

To assemble, place base of drip candle in the mouth of your jar or bottle. Make sure it fits snugly so it won’t tip over. Place in a draft-free area and light the wick. Allow the wax to drip down the sides of the candle and the jar, and try not to move the candle until the wax dries completely.

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*Tip: Carve the base of the drip candle with a knife to ensure that it fits snugly and securely in the mouth of your bottle or jar.

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