Graduation Party Favors

Graduation Party Favors

Graduation is just around the corner and that means graduation parties. Give your guests something they’ll actually use (or at least laugh at) with these clever & personalized favor ideas. Not only are these favors cheap and easy, they are also a great way to use senior photos outside of the party invites.

We used three of our favorite senior photos to show you three clever graduation party favors. To ensure you receive the labels on time, we recommend ordering what you want two to three weeks before your party.

All of the styles we used are available in a wide variety of colors so you can pick one that matches your school colors. If you don’t have or don’t plan to take senior photos, no worries! All of our ideas can be used on non-photo styles. Just choose the “No Photo” filter when selecting a label.

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Graduation Party Favors
1. One Smart Cookie

Place a homemade (or store bought) cookie in a cellophane bag and seal with a round sticker. These are perfect for your guests to pick up before they leave so they have something to snack on the ride home.

Graduation Party Favors

2. Four Years of Tears

Keep your guests hydrated with “Four Years of Tears”.  Purchase a pack of plain water bottles and take off the pre-existing labels. Carefully place your Evermine labels on each water bottle. These labels are waterproof, so don’t worry about getting them wet.

Graduation Party Favors

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Graduation Party Favors

3. Yes, I know I Wined a lot, but I did it!

If you’re having a small party, consider giving a bottle of your favorite red wine or champagne to your guests. First, take off the pre-existing label and wipe the bottle so it is free of any paper or glue residue. After your bottle is clean and clear, carefully place the wine label on the surface. You can check out our how-to video for a visual tutorial.

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