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We might all agree that labels from Evermine are pretty nifty. Charming. Heart-melting. Professional. Useful. Beautiful. Fun.

But I got to wondering, what’s the best thing that can be done with personalized labels? Generally, I try to showcase uses that I think are good for the world–natural remedies to keep people healthy, homemade whole foods recipes, connecting people through fun events. But I think the purest good that can be engendered by these sweet labels is unsolicited messages of support and affirmation. I call it Guerilla Love.

Spread the Guerilla Love | Evermine Blog |
I started with a few concise affirmations:

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“You are beautiful”

“You are fabulous just the way you are”

“Your smile brightens the whole world”

“Your intellect and creativity are infinite”

Then I cruised through the all label styles page at to find styles that might work well with the affirmations, both in mood and also in terms of text length and emphasis.

Spread the Gueriilla Love | Evermine Blog |
I chose label sizes that are large enough to get noticed, but small enough to fit lots of places. A week later I had a quiver of kind words—in label form—awaiting suitable locations. I like to target places where the eye might land for a little longer than the briefest glance. Next to the front door lock, the lucky resident receives a daily affirmation about the effect of her smile on the world just as she is about to step out into it. Pedestrians are prompted to reflect on their fabulousness as they wait for the signal to change. Best of all, using the removable vinyl stock, the messages can be removed easily in case any curmudgeons don’t appreciate them.

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Spread the Guerilla Love | Evermine Blog |
The labels pictured here were made with Champagne in coral in the rectangles small shape (size 02), Swash in Love in blue in the designer address label shape (ALSX02) Modern Museo in orange in the small rectangular shape (size 03) and Signature Script in stone in the square label shape (size 1B).

Spread the Guerilla Love | Evermine Blog |

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