Handmade Confetti Launchers

Handmade Confetti Launchers from Idea Land blog #craft #diy #party #favor #kids #wedding(Used in this project: Square Labels in Champagne style.)

My coworker Ruth and her husband decided to renew their vows to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. Friends and family gathered in their expansive backyard. Everything was beautifully decorated in the original colors of their wedding! My contribution to the party was to make confetti launchers to rain on them after they repeat the vows they said forty-five years ago.

Handmade Confetti Launchers from Idea Land blog #craft #diy #party #favor #kids #wedding

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Supplies Needed:

I found this idea on Piikeastreet.com

• Craft tubes in assorted colors*
• Scissors
• White Duct Tape
• Balloons
• Confetti

*You can buy these at the craft store or cover with tape, tissue paper, fabric, or wrapping paper.

Handmade Confetti Launchers from Idea Land blog #craft #diy #party #favor #kids #wedding

Prepare your tubes with the covering of your choosing. This craft is a lot of fun to do with kids too, just cover the tubes and arm the little ones with crayons, markers, or paint! In order to create the spring back bottom of the confetti launchers, measure to the middle of the round part of each balloon and cut the top half off, and discard that piece. Next, cut 7-inch strips of white duct tape, and then split each strip. I found that the width of strips being about an inch— was just enough.

Stand your tubes up. Take the bottom half of the cut balloon and stretch it over one opening of the tube, and tape it into place. Tie the end of the balloon, and you’re done!

You can prepare your own confetti by taking a three-hole puncher to an assortment of colored paper and tissue paper. Load the confetti into a large bag, to distribute to guests just before the ceremony.

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Handmade Confetti Launchers from Idea Land blog #craft #diy #party #favor #kids #wedding

I spruced up the handmade confetti launchers with personalized labels for Ruth and Wyatt, in the style of Champagne in turquoise and sunshine— just like their summer wedding forty-five years ago!!

Handmade Confetti Launchers from Idea Land blog #craft #diy #party #favor #kids #wedding

Used In This Project:

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