Handmade Dish Scrubbies

If you read my posts here on planning a DIY wedding, you’ll know that I was married in September (The wedding was perfect!). At first, I was worried about what I would do with all of my decorations once the big day was over, but now that I’m not spending all of my time planning a wedding, I’m using my free time to explore new and interesting ways to use up all of my leftover wedding materials.

For instance, I recently ran across a free pattern for crocheted dish scrubbers made of tulle! The pattern is written by Nadine Borovicka, and you can download it through Ravelry here. I will personally attest to the fact that this pattern is super fun, well written, and simple enough for beginners to tackle without any fuss.

So far, I’ve made about 20 tulle dish scrubbers with this pattern, and I plan on giving them away as wedding gifts and Christmas presents in the coming months as two-packs. To package my gifts, I find it easiest to thread a piece of ribbon through the center hole of both dish scrubbers, securing them together with a knot. I like to tie on my personalized tag first (I used tags in the style French Market) and then run my scissors along the ribbon to make it curl for a cute presentation. I can’t wait to give these to my friends and family this year!

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  1. says

    Hi Lindsay,

    I love your tags for your handmade items. That is a great idea for presentation when giving them as a gift–I am going to use your ideas for this year. Thanks!

  2. Jamie Browning says


    I’m not a crafter, but would love to purchase your dish scrubbies! Is that possible?

    Please email me and let me know.


  3. G N Sherman says

    My wife and I make “knitted” nylon scrubbies for sale at flee markets. They are 3+ inches across and over an inch thick, and stuffed with nylon netting. And the sides are tied togather to make them flatened. We make them in Purple, Red, Green and Yellow. They are $2.00 each plus postage. We have a good stock on hand and can ship the next day. We accept checks or money orders. Contact gnshrm@mo-net.com for details. Thanks.

  4. says

    Hi Linda. The labels say:

    “Lindsay’s Handmade
    Dish Scrubby
    Just for you”

    You can order them right here from evermine.com!

    Hope that helps,

  5. June says

    Just made my first scrubbie from pattern, it was very easy. I have made my some before, from my own pattern, but these are so much better, thanks for the pattern…

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