Handmade doily baskets are the perfect carrier for Easter egg-shaped treats, and they make cute around-the-house displays that you can use for knick-knacks after the holiday is over. Here in Portland, I can generally find secondhand doilies at my local thrift store for less than a dollar, which is well worth the price – especially if they’re handmade. Molded into little bowls, these doilies resemble little bird’s nests, and make perfect Easter gifts for friends and family.

To make your own doily baskets, you’ll need:
• Towels or newspaper
• Doilies
• Fabric stiffener
• Bowls
• Easter Grass
• Egg shaped goodies, such as Cadbury Eggs, or plastic eggs filled with treats.
• Personalized tags from Evermine Labels (I used fancy diamond hang tags in the style Spring)

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To begin, protect your workspace with rags or old towels. Place your bowls upside-down over the towels, making sure you have one bowl for every doily basket you intend to create.

Pour the fabric stiffener into a bowl, and dip your doily until it is completely saturated. Drape over the one of your upside-down bowls, centering it as best you can. Press the doily against the bowl, making sure to even out any wrinkles or bubbles. The shape you leave the doily in during this process is the shape it will retain when it dries. Repeat this process for with the rest of your doilies.

Allow your doilies to remain pressed over their bowls until they are completely dry (For me, this process took about three days). Once dry and stiff, gently remove each doily from the back of the bowls and fill with Easter grass and egg-shaped goodies. Attach a personalized tag with an Easter-colored ribbon from Evermine to complete the look!

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