Hanukkah Olive Oil Gifts #chanukah #labels #bottles #holiday
The spirit of ‘Chanukah’ is in the air as the cool crisp autumn days are getting shorter. The kids are taking out their dreidels and I am shining our oil Menorah in preparation for eight days of light. In our community, I will be giving out these olive oil bottles adorned with matching personalized labels and tags to wish all a “Happy Chanukah”.

Hanukkah Olive Oil Gifts #chanukah #labels #bottles #holiday
Hanukkah Olive Oil Gifts #chanukkah #labels #bottles #holiday

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The lighting of the Menorah can be done with both candles and oil. Our custom is to use oil as we are commemorating the miracle of finding one small cruse of oil that instead of lasting one day, lasted eight. Chanukah also commemorates the victory of the Jewish people over the Syrian Greek Army. These bottles of oil can be given as gifts with an oil Menorah or just on their own to be used to fry latkes and sufganyot (jelly doughnuts)!

Hanukkah Olive Oil Gifts #chanukah #labels #bottles #holiday

A holiday of sizzling latkes, dreidel games and Chanukah gelt (chanukah money and chocolate coins). Let there be memories. Let there be miracles. Let there be Light. Happy Chanukah!

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Hanukkah Olive Oil Gifts #chanukah #labels #bottles #holiday

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