Homemade Super Bubbles from Idea Land blog #craft #kids #diy(Used in this project: Large Labels and Oval Tags in Color Wash style.)

A great activity for the outdoors, that all ages can enjoy, is bubbles! Denise and I welcomed a large group of family members to visit this summer, adults and children. After presenting these bubbles to the troop of kids, we were entertained for hours. This super easy recipe is adapted from Economical Mommy.


• 2 cups of Dawn or Joy Dish Soap
• ¾ cup light corn syrup
• 6 cups water
• Large bowl
• Pipe cleaners
• Large spoon
• Jars
• Food coloring (optional)

Super Bubble Tools (optional):
• Two poles/sticks of equal length
• White string
• Small kiddie pool and/or a large nearly flat surface.

What To Do:

Begin by portioning out the dish soap and pouring it into the large bowl. Next, pour in the corn syrup, and mix well with your spoon. I suggest adding the water cup-by-cup and stirring well in between, being careful not to create a lot of bubbles in the process. Twist the pipe cleaners into loops just slightly smaller than the mouth of each jar.

Homemade Super Bubbles from Idea Land blog #craft #kids #diy

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Also, I recommend making an extra batch and keeping it on hand in a washed out milk jug—if you have a really enthusiastic bunch, you’ll undoubtedly need to refill their jars.

For even more entertainment, and how the super-bubble got its name, pour the bubble solution onto a large flat surface, like the yard-debris can lid, or kiddie pool. Take two long pole-like sticks. Tie a piece of regular white string to the top of each pole, just slightly less distance than the diameter of the flat surface. Then tie another string over the first knot, equaling one and a half times the length of the first string, and tie the other end over the single knot on the second pole. Dip the string into the solution, and make sure the string is fully saturated. With a pole in each hand, and stretched apart from each other, lift out of the solution and walk briskly—you’ll have a huge bubble forming behind you.

Homemade Super Bubbles from Idea Land blog #craft #kids #diy

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I poured the super bubble solution into individual jars, and presented them to the family with eye-catching labels in the style of Color Wash.

Homemade Super Bubbles from Idea Land blog #craft #kids #diy

Used In This Project:

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