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Headed to a gathering or dinner party? Don’t forget your hostess gift. A simple gift for your host is a way to say thank you for the hospitality, and is always appreciated. There are many different occasions that call for a hostess gift, so consider the situation before deciding what to bring. For dinner parties or small gatherings, my go-to is a bottle of wine. It may seem simple, but the gesture means a lot. Picking out the wine, for me, is always the hardest part, but make the packaging easy on yourself the next time you need to bring a bottle of wine or beverage for your host by stocking up on a stash of personalized host/hostess wine tags.

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Adding a little personal touch makes the gesture just a little more impressive, and it doesn’t hurt to help remind your host that your thoughtful gift was from you. I’ve had a friend who once didn’t know who to thank for the hostess gift they had received, and resorted to asking everyone from the party if the gift was from them.

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Have fun with different colored twine or ribbon for tying your tags. Or first try wrapping your bottles with kraft paper and then finishing with the a tag. There are many ways you can dress up your gift.

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Here’s a toast to all you hosts out there. Enjoy!

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