How to change fonts

Did you know you can change fonts on many template designs available at Evermine Labels?

Read on to see how and to get a few tips to help your font choices look great.

Instant font change

Start by moving through the order process until you get to the style editor, which looks like this.

Then, click on the word “TEXT” to pull up a text editor tool.

In this tool, look for the small black icon with the f in it like this.

It shows up next to text fields that are eligible for a font change. When you click on it, you’ll be able to select from our font change library.

Your selection will show up in your design right away. Play with different font choices until you like what you see in the preview.

Tips for font changes
  • Play with case. Some fonts look great in ALL CAPS, some look best in Mixed Case, some are very charming in all lowercase. You may have to change the case in the text fields to see what a font looks like with different letter cases. Note that some fonts are only available in ALL CAPS.
  • Script fonts: generally it is best to avoid ALL CAPS with script fonts as they tend to be very difficult to read.
  • Use a font that has thick letters if there isn’t a lot of contrast between the text and the background colors.
Request a font change

If you want a font change for a certain text field but you don’t see the font change icon by it in the design editor, you can request a font change. Here’s how:

  1. Take note of the name of the font you’d like to change your text to. You can see all the font choices at once on our fonts page. The name of the font is below the sample text that reads “Jules & Gray”.
  2. Write us a note telling us which text to change and the name of the font you’d like.
Custom font changes

If you know you’d like a font that isn’t available in our font library, contact us. We can often do a custom font change for a fee.

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